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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just Add Vice

Super Tuesday Blog of the Day Awards for Tuesday January 29, 2008

Presented by Sayings

A Super Tuesday Blog of the Day Award goes to Just Add Vice

From the Author:

- I don’t overuse cuss words. I use them just the right amount.
- I am interested in space, but not the final frontier.
- I love to debate. (Euphemism for Argue.)
- I had a dog that I loved.
- I like sunglasses morning, noon and night.
- I am overpaid, underworked and rarely overfed.
- I wish life had theme music.
- I like the News, and Huey Lewis.
- I would walk 5000 miles.
- I have a slight semblance of obsessive compulsive disorder.
- I like punctuation, as well as punctuality.
- I take myself very serious. Seriously.
- I never make promises…I can keep.
- I always walk a fine line.
- I have a short attention span.
- I hear everything but I don’t usually listen.
- I will try to make the best of everything.
- I am glass half full on good days, and glass half empty on bad.

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