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Thursday, January 29, 2009

His Boys Can Swim

Blog of the Day Awards for Thursday January 29, 2009

A Blog of the Day Award goes to His Boys Can Swim
pregnancy blog!

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Thank you,

Bill Austin


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! Thank you so much. I'm honored. I'm speechless....

It's times like this that I think back and say, "you know what? It was all worth it." I mean dealing with all of the pregnancy hormones, nausea, morning sickness, it was horrible I tell you. Horrible.

And you know, my wife still has MANY, MANY months to go!

Oh yes, there is a lot more above that I have to somehow find a way to get through, but it's times like this that makes me puff out my chest and say, "I'm a proud father-to-be".

I thank you, my wife, Pregnant Jane thanks you, and our soon-to-be born child thanks you for this incredible award.

We will forever and always display it proudly above our fireplace.

Thank you again and thank you Academy!

12:22 AM  

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