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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Blog of the Day Awards on Thursday November 27, 2008, Thanksgiving Day.

For your Thanksgiving enjoyment, we provide below a collection of links to places where you can find recipes for Thanksgiving, Quotes for Thanksgiving and about Thanksgiving, jokes about Thanksgiving and Turkey jokes a variety of other Thanksgiving Day related things.

Here to kick it off is a joke about Thanksgiving Weather from Funny Jokes and another joke about Thanksgiving Day. For Thanksgiving Recipes there is a great collection at World Famous Recipes and there are plenty of other Recipes there including Turkey Recipes. Some of the favorite Turkey Recipes include:

For more on the humorous side, Thanksgiving Jokes can be found here and Thanksgiving Quotes are always a popular item on Thanksgiving Day and there are some excellent quotations here:

And some more Thanksgiving Jokes and Turkey Jokes

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