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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Usmans World

Blog of the Day Awards for Saturday June 16, 2007

A Blog of the Day Award goes to Usmans World

From the About Page:

Usmans World Blog:

The crossroads of news, an informational highway, all with a deceiving twist. Those are some of the numerous ways you might describe Usman’s World blog. Updated on a daily basis, Usman’s World is a blog dedicated to deliver you the most outstanding, sensational, and interesting stories, written by two talented intellectuals. It is original and quality content that are a must read. Hold on, we don’t just give you boring old news stories, we give them a little bit of juice.

Instead of providing you with the truth, wouldn’t you much rather hear something more entertaining? If so we provide that here. For example, Usman’s World not only takes the stories and twists them, we may create up our own little lies just to spruce up the story. What happened if instead of the story, Father Microwaves Baby, you had the story, Father Microwaves Baby and Mutates It. That is exactly our idea, we provide small lies or twists of the truth to ascertain to your fantasies. If you like what you see, with an effortless press of a button, you can bookmark the site so you can read our headlines from wherever you like on your browser. Usman’s Informational World is devoted to impress its readers, so you’ll know you won’t be wasting your time; in fact you may even find our stories to be quite real!

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Blogger Usman said...

Hey thanks for giving us this fantastic award? But how did you find us, and on what category did we win for?

4:33 PM  

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