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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blog of Death - Celebrity Obituaries

Blog of the Day Awards for Sunday June 3, 2007

A Blog of the Day Award goes to Blog of Death

Blog of Death - Celebrity Obituaries

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Blogger Fans Forever said...

Fans Forever Inc.
3314 West Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
Phone (773) 463-4696

For immediate release

Media contact: Dennis Mascari
Phone: (773) 463-4696
Email: info@ beyondthevines.net

Fans Forever Inc. Announces the First Cremation Arena for Cubs Fans--
Beyond the Vines offers extraordinarily unique “Skyboxes” for the afterlife

(CHICAGO, IL) JULY 7, 2008 – The true test of a Chicago Cub fan not only lies with day-to-day activity and passion, but it can now lay with you forever into the afterlife. Many a Cubs fan has asked to have his or her ashes spread on the turf at Wrigley Field. Now an enterprise wants to accommodate them with the next best thing. If you are a Cubs fan, your passing need not come between you and the Cubs! Earthly remains can keep you rooting for the Cubbies because fans will soon be able to spend their final resting days just a few miles away of Wrigley Field.

Fans Forever, a Chicago-based company, has reached an agreement with Bohemian National Cemetery, located at 5255 N. Pulaski, to construct “Beyond the Vines,” a 24 feet wide and 12 feet tall, wall, adorned with Ivy, a 7’ x 4’ stained glass replica of the scoreboard --- and most importantly, your loved-ones urns.
Several internment packages will be offered to current urn holders. “Fans can actually reserve a space now. “Our deluxe package will include a baseball themed ceremony, niche, urn and a baseball card wall plaque. “I’m trying to figure out a system that will transmit Cubs broadcasts into the wall, so fans will never miss a game.” Mascari said.
“It’s true that Cubs fans don’t live forever, but their team spirit never dies,” said Dennis Mascari, a lifetime Cubs follower and founder of Fans Forever. "For millions of loyal Cubs fans, Wrigley Field means more than just a ballpark; it’s their shrine and sanctuary. The Cubs are a big part of my family tradition. I know my dad and his dad would have been honored to be at Beyond the Vines,” Mascari said. “It will be a comfort knowing that your loved ones are in their own perpetual skybox resting in peace with other Cubs fans.

If you think about it, people have been supporting this team for 30, 40, 50 years, why shouldn't it be part of their afterlife? An eternal season ticket for 280 Cubs fans.”

In addition to the Wrigley version, Fans Forever is making arrangements in other markets with huge, loyal fan bases, as St. Louis, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

For more information, call Dennis Mascari (773) 463-4696
Spike O'Dell Podcast - 720 WGN - 6-30-08

9:14 PM  
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