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Thursday, May 17, 2007

para mochileiros - portugese travel blog

para mochileiros - portugese travel blog

Blog of the Day Awards for Thursday May 17, 2007

A Blog of the Day Award goes to para mochileiros

about some cities visited. it's written in portugese but you can click an item to translate it.

algumas descrições de cidades que fui conhecendo numa viagem de inter-rail que não esqueço. que me desculpem se enquanto escrevo me vou afastando da descrição que poderá ser a mais útil mas dificilmente nos focamos no que é o mais interessante para os outros quando escrevemos sobre o que nos marcou.

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Blogger Nuno Abreu said...

thank you for the award! this proves that when it comes to talking about traveling doesn't metter the language you use because everyone loves the subject, even if they have to read it using a common translator program like the one i have in my blog.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous touring caravans said...


nice article.....Thanks for the award......

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Messi said...

I came to your blog just when I was surfing on this topic. I am happy that I found your blog and information I wanted.

5:44 AM  

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