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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Follow That Elephant! - Stories and Adventures from Malaysia

Blog of the Day Awards for Thursday February 8, 2007

A Blog of the Day Award goes to Follow That Elephant!

Follow That Elephant! - Stories and Adventures from Malaysia - the stories and adventures of an American expat in Malaysia.

Some wonderful quotes from a recent article include:

Bizarre Foods: Asia
"... to the island of Penang, Malaysia, home of the world’s most repulsive fruit, Andrew tastes it all. (Airs 27 February at 1800) ..."

"Durian is lumped in with eating beating frogs’ hearts and stir-fried bat. That can’t be good…"

"Many Malaysians claim that durian is the “official fruit” of Malaysia. The thing about durian is that, according to various reports, it smells like feet and has the consistancy of custard."

- Malaysia’s Favorite Fruit

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Blogger Queen B. said...

I love how at wwww.shopwithlulu.blogspot she showed us a way to use shutters on the inside of the home ! It is so cool looking.


5:18 AM  
Blogger Queen B. said...


has great, simple yet GOURMET recipes that anyone can do. Great tips on where to shop, saving money etc.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous jennifer38 said...

i more in luv wit imalaysiablog.com cos the photo n content r great..able to find great dining there also

9:47 AM  

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