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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Bye Saddam Hussein - 2007 Weblog Awards - ihath - Iraqi giggler laughs at the lunacy of the world

Blog of the Day Awards for January 04, 2007

A Blog of the Day Award goes to ihath - Iraqi giggler laughs at the lunacy of the world.

Here is her tortured pilgrimage through deciding what she can blog about and how, now that her blog is famous and well read.

"To blog or not to blog …. that is not my question. I feel pretty committed. To blog as if nobody reads my blog? That is the real question."

Her Goodbye to Saddam Hussein is one of the best I have read on the subject. Good bye Saddam

"Goodbye Iraq's butcher;
may you never grow in our dreams. "

She has some videos of both belly dancing and flamenco dancing and is also an author and has written a book.

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