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Monday, September 04, 2006

Blog of the Day Awards for Monday September 4, 2006 - Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit

Blog of the Day Awards for Monday September 4, 2006

Today's Blog of the Day Award goes to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit for his steadfast and continuous support of Blog Carnivals especially our favorite Blog Carnival which is the Carnival of the Recipes

Famous Recipes Carnival of the Recipes

Here is a search which demonstrates exactly how supportive he is of Blog Carnivals

This week's Recipe Carnival is the End of Summer Recipe Carnival.

Our favorite Recipes Blog has hosted the Carnival of the recipes twice since it began and looks forward to hosting it again someday soon.

Father's Day Carnival of the Recipes - 96th Edition
Christmas Eve Carnival of the Recipes - 71st Edition

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Instapundit Carnival of Recipes Post


Blogger Shing Li said...

I want to nominate http://www.biscadosnove.blogspot.com/

11:46 AM  

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