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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blog of the Day Awards for Wednesday July 19, 2006 Where is Basil - Basil the Donkey

Blog of the Day Awards for Wednesday July 19, 2006 - Where is Basil? - Basil the Donkey

Today's Blog of the Day Award was nominated by Benjamin Yoskovitz over at I Got News For You and he nominated a pet project of his called Where is Basil?

It's a new blog -- a bit of a viral marketing project that is shipping the Fawlty Towers DVD Collection around the world with Basil the Donkey.

Each person who signs up will get the DVDs from the previous person on the list. It's about building a fun community...

For a better explanation you can read What is this?

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Sep '06
Basil Leaves Scottsdale and Heads for Los Angeles
Part of Ben's adventure in Scottsdale, AZ - (0)
Bill and Kathee Austin are busy people, but they did manage to get Basil out the door and on his way to Los Angeles, where he’s intending to catch a flight to Arncliffe, Australia to meet with Leah Maclean.Bill did let me know that he tried to teach Basil how to play guitar, before the […]

Sep '06
Tournament Players Club Welcomes Basil
Part of theaustins's adventure in Scottsdale, AZ - (0)
Basil, the code-writing donkey, has been on vacation in Scottsdale Arizona for the last week.While the Austins have plenty of PHP code he could be writing, he just seems to want to have fun.He was seen earlier last week visiting the Tournament Players Club (TPC) in North Scottsdale AZ and we are sure that he […]

Sep '06
Taliesin West Welcomes Basil - Sort of …
Part of theaustins's adventure in Scottsdale, AZ - (0)
Taliesin West was the Winter home of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale Arizona.Many of Wright’s most famous buildings were designed in the drafting room at Taliesin West, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and Grady Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University in Tempe. Taliesin West continues as the headquarters of […]

Sep '06
Curiosity Abounds - “Where Was Basil - and Why?”
Part of theaustins's adventure in Scottsdale, AZ - (0)
Inquiring minds want to know.Why was Basil lost, and where was he.Well, we don’t really know where-all he was while hitchhiking from Mesa Arizona to Scottsdale Arizona but we do know why he got lost.We only gave him a Post Office box address so he headed for 85254 without further questions. We believe that […]

Aug '06
The Fawlty Towers DVDs Finally Get to Scottsdale
Part of Ben's adventure in Scottsdale, AZ - (1)
I suppose it had to happen eventually, right? I gave Easton the wrong mailing address for sending the Fawlty Towers DVDs to Bill and Kathee Austin. Actually, I think Bill forgot which mailing address he gave me, to give to Easton, but we’re not pointing fingers here!I assumed over the length of Basil’s journey, which […]


Aug '06
Basil Hitchhikes from Mesa to Scottsdale, Causing Some Trouble at a Golf Club and Mobile Home Park
Part of Ben's adventure in Mesa, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ - (3)
So Basil heads off to Scottsdale from Mesa with 500 pounds or so of luggage and a taste for adventure.If that doesn’t sound like the start of some disaster movie…Luckily, Basil is safe.He’s in Scottsdale, on his way to visit Bill and Kathee Austin. I know they’ve been looking forward to seeing him. I would […]

Aug '06
How Far Is It From Mesa, Arizona to Scottsdale, Arizona?
Part of Ben's adventure in Scottsdale, AZ - (1)
Anyone? Anyone?According to this City Distance Tool it’s 18 miles. Not too far really…even for a donkey with 500 pounds of luggage to hitchhike.
Basil’s going from the Ellsworths’ fine establishment to visit with Bill and Kathee Austin in Scottsdale, AZ.Did you know that Scottsdale was named by the New York Times as the “Beverly Hills […]


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Be sure to submit your nominations early. I was just starting to write that there were no nominations for today and I had to nominate a blog which I read when suddenly Benjamin came through with this excellent choice.


Blogger Benjamin said...

Thanks for the nod! It's appreciated. And I really do hope people enjoy the site!

6:48 AM  

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